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Stephen Murray: Run Diary

My Namibia Run Diary

By Stephen Murray, Managing Director of Accident Claims Lawyers UK

Dessert Run: 250,000 km : Five days : 50 Degrees

On the 12th of November 2022 I will be flying out to Namibia (Africa) to take part in a 250km (155 miles) foot race over five days across the Namib Desert, with the final day being a 60-mile stage. In temperatures rising up to 50 degrees celcius, I will be entirely self-sufficient, carrying my own food and kit required for the five days of the race.



The Inclusive Hub – My Chosen Charity

After signing up, I decided that I would like to use the race as an opportunity to raise money for an organisation that is doing excellent work in the city of Liverpool. The Inclusive Hub was originally set up in 2016 to help children with autism to take part in in non-contact boxing and fitness.

Since then, it has grown and is now helping families all over Liverpool who face challenges in life from Downs Syndrome, ADHD, domestic violence, food poverty, mental health and many more issues. You can find out more about them here:

My GoFundMe

The Inclusive Hub is a Community Interest Company, and all the employees and volunteers do an amazing job in the local community. However, it is only with funding and support that they will be able to continue the core activities and good work they do so as to avoid turning people away who rely on the work they do.

Whilst I appreciate times are hard with the constant rise in living costs, if you could take the time and spare some of your hard-earned cash to support this excellent cause, I can assure you it will make a difference to a lot of vulnerable peoples lives who need it.

GoFundMe Page

27th March  – “Running 36 miles wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be!”

On Saturday I ran a preparation marathon.  It was a tough day with the heat and the ice bath after it wasn’t pleasant but good prep for the Sunday!

The next day, I took part in the Liverpool Half Marathon. I actually felt quite good! I’ve put the miles in over 10 months or so, which has given me the best start in running 26 miles and then 13 miles the next day – I was actually able to walk comfortably on Monday.

It will be a tough one I think. Watch this space for photos of the summit and hopefully of me still standing.


Give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram to see some of the great work they do from their HQ in the Kirkdale Community Centre on Stanley Road Kirkdale.

2nd April – Snowdon!

I’m still standing! On Saturday 2nd April, I ran the Trailevents  Snowdon Half Marathon Spring Crossing.  With a total elevation of 2615 meters,  it was a tough slog but excellent training for what is to come.

The 15.36-mile course ( race director snook a sneaky extra few miles on the race) is challenging at the best of times, but with  snow and ice it posed a real test especially down the Watkin Path. I completed it in just under four and a half hours which I was happy with.

This was also the first race leading up to Namibia and my first  run sporting my Inclusive Hub t shirt (thanks Liam) and I got a few good photos at the summit.

Few days rest, then day 5 post race get the legs moving  ready for a busy schedule the following week.  The next milestone is a  5hr run followed by 3hrs the following day.  The 5hrs will take me past the marathon distance for the first time and into the territory of the ultra marathon.

Links to the Inclusive Hub:






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