When it comes to extolling the virtues of personal injury lawyers as a keynote speaker or holding court at business networking events, Stephen Murray is generally only noticeable by his absence.

The experienced practitioner’s preference to exercise his expertise away from public glare is, however, no reflection on his commitment to, and steadfast defence of, a sector of law with more than its fair share of detractors.

Since qualifying as a solicitor in the late 1990s, the Managing Director at Accident Claims Lawyers UK has been an enduring champion of claimants who have suffered injuries through no fault of their own and has navigated a succession of reform storms that have sunk other prominent players in the market.

And despite there being further choppy waters on the horizon thanks to the government’s decision to expand fixed recoverable costs to all civil claims up to £100,000 in value, Stephen remains as motivated as ever to ensure his firm’s clients receive the best possible representation.

His reasons for continuing to combat the industry’s challenges and misconceptions of personal injury lawyers as “ambulance chasers” are simple.

“For those who have sustained serious injuries, the work that we do is absolutely vital,” explained Stephen, who also serves as the Legal Director of the Spirant Group. “At its starkest, it can mean the difference between someone having a good quality of life or no quality of life.

“Therefore, it is hard not to feel a great sense of satisfaction in playing a part in helping deserving individuals to receive all the necessary support they need for their recovery, rehabilitation and ongoing care.”

While being a pivotal operational cog in driving the Spirant Group’s continued growth in the UK and overseas territories means Stephen’s days as a fee earner at the claims’ coalface are behind him, a key focus of his blueprint for Accident Claims Lawyers’ future is on gold plating the professional pipeline of his successors.

“We have always strived to be a firm that values its people, and we will continue to do that,” added Stephen, whose business acumen – alongside that of his school friend and long-term colleague Simon Gibson – previously transformed a regional, Liverpool-based practice into a nationwide concern.

“At Accident Claims Lawyers we want to recruit and retain good, like-minded people so that we are best-equipped to help members of the public and be a firm that prioritises the quality of our service over stacking cases high.”

It is such considered approaches that have seen Stephen become an unqualified success as a businessman and cemented his reputation as a respected specialist in his field of law – positions attained without the need for shouting.

“I’ll admit I have never been particularly good at actively marketing myself but that has never proved a barrier professionally,” he concluded. “I have an in-depth knowledge of the sector having been in it for a long time and take pride in the fact that others want to work with me and am someone people are happy to be led by.”